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Adult daughter does not want to communicate with me

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I want to share and listen to comments. She raised her daughter alone (from the age of 9).The girl grew up very obedient, loving and even maturing and getting married, I remained in the first place. Now I understand that as a result of our symbiosis, her marriage collapsed. She began to deal with the psychotherapist, there she was introduced to a man much older than her, who was engaged in a psycho for 5 years, as a result, got married. Since then, our relations, in my opinion, have become too distant – they don’t let them into their apartment, we see each other in my work 1 a month and always in the presence of her husband, he doesn’t call, only I, a couple of times a month. I came to congratulate the New Year, I had very high pressure, and my daughter, reminding me, so that I would not wind myself up and that an ambulance" On New Year’s Eve cannot be called, with jokes and jokes went to celebrate. Since then no call. Apparently took as another attempt to manipulate or emotional blackmail. And it’s terribly offended to me that my most of my own person was so easily left by my mother without help in a pre -infarction state. Maybe with personal boundaries, it is still busted and human sympathy also needs to be left? Tell.

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And as it would be better for you, that the unfortunate daughter was sitting near you or happy to celebrate the holiday with her husband? Perhaps, you still did not coincide with her personal boundaries and wish her happiness and take up your life. In your message, it is read directly between the lines: raised-feed-over, raised, but also hello, they have a holiday, and I have no sympathy! I already wrote somewhere in another topic that I am proud of my parents – they are absolutely autonomous and self -sufficient and therefore we are happy to call up and go to visit. My mother is an ordinary pensioner, she worked as a chief accountant, she was reduced by age, so she did not calm down: she carries a correspondence, works in a recreation center with a cashier-controller, takes her grandchildren to classes, leads a car herself, meets with her girlfriends, goes to the cinema, rides to rest. I call her, but she has no time to talk to me

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and I am not offended, her life is saturated. Find your own classes, otherwise the feeling that you only live your daughter. Sorry for the sharpness.

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